WET N Wave Hair Water Curly Hair 4bundles

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WET N Wave Hair Water Curly Hair 4bundles
WET N Wave Hair Water Curly Hair 4bundles
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Product Description
  • This is our finest collection of Premium Lushious fibre Soft Hair made with silky texture for wear which is at a purse friendly and affordable price just for you. 
  • This hair is very versatile for all occasion, easy to style it gives a unique and eye catching look..This hair can be worn straight or curled to your preference. This hair can be bleached or dyed , it can be used to create that fabulous chic look and it is one of the most amazing piece of hair you will ever own,
  • You can Bleach, Color and style (perm) it anyhow you want it.
  • Its a silky soft hair to let you step out in style
  • This Silky soft hair set is the best choice and idea for bringing style and class to you.
  • At our stores, we also provide you with affordable and classy hair to enableZ
  •  This hair is a must have. It is so comfortable to the skin, durable, and stylish for the classic woman. With a brush of wide tooth comb, your hair maintains its silky texture
  • This is a special hair with long lasting best quality guaranty, it's soothing makes the body in full leisure relaxed condition with it's creativity.
  • Best Quality inches Silky Soft Hair
  • Note:
  • Due to the difference in imaging of different monitors, the product will have a slight color difference, please prevail in kind, thank you!
  • Physics may have an error of 1-3 cm due to differences in personal measurement techniques. Thank you!
  • How to care for hair 
  • Commonly taken off and placed on the stand
  • You can't just throw it when you wear a hair every day. You should put the hair and put it on the stand.
  • Not commonly used in plastic bags
  • If you don't wear a  hair for a while or don't wear it, you should put the hair off, it is best not to be exposed to the air, it is easy to be dusty or messy, so you should take the hair to the place where the hair was placed, or receive the plastic. In the bag.
  • Regularly clean the hair
  • If you wear a hair it is recommended to wash it once a week. When cleaning, pay special attention to the fact that the hair 
  • can not be washed with hot water, it will destroy the quality of the hair and it can not be soaked in the water for a long time. After cleaning, it will be air-dried in the air. 
  • Conditioner maintains bright lubrication
  • When cleaning the hair don't use your hands to rub it. If you see the hair knotted, don't pull it. You should use conditioner, gently straighten it, and use the conditioner hair to be glamorous, just like just bought. .
  • Sparse tooth comb smoothing hair
  • Usually take off the hair and use a sparse comb to gently smooth the hair and clean the dust. Choosing a sparse comb is to prevent the hair from being broken easily by a dense comb, or to use a hair specific comb.
  • Curly hair can't be combed
  • If your hair is curly, then you must not use a comb to care for the curls. Finally, just use your hand to gently manage it. If you use a comb to care, the curl will be lost.

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