Beautiful Slay Wig - Gold And Black

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Beautiful Slay Wig - Gold And Black
Beautiful Slay Wig - Gold And Black
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Product Description

This is simply an exquisite party slay wig in every fashion standard. It is designed to taste using top quality premium fiber and combination of gold and black m colour to make a perfect fit for today's fashion.
The fullness and shimmering beauty of our wigs are second to none and we take pride in being one of the best. Our wigs are durable in all types of weather and tangle free. The hairs we use on our wigs are naturally soft and voluminous giving you a glamorous look.The natural and soft texture of this wig really makes it exceptional. It is your perfect choice for both corporate and casual outings.
Professionally and neatly made, our wigs are amazingly natural and exquisitely beautiful.
Proper care of Fiber units and wigs will keep them looking their best! They should be washed regularly in the summer months and during the winter, with a synthetic fiber shampoo. Remember to use a shampoo that does not contain sodium, or silicone.  Sodium will bleach the hair.  Silicone will make the base of the unit or wig slippery and cause hair loss.  Use a spray on conditioner, concentrating on the ends, which may tend to be on the dryer side. Use only water soluble hair spray.

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